General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

by Sharon Fryer

As technology allows increased collection
Of data, here is more protection
For individuals, to let them choose
How companies may keep and use
The information they compile
And access to one’s data file.

First, the person must consent
To the data use that’s meant.
And when that purpose is completed
The data must then be deleted.
Personal data you’ve collected
Must be updated, not neglected.
Processing data, do take care
To do so in a way that’s fair.
Security must be maintained.
If improper access has been gained
The authorities you’ll have to tell
And the individual as well.

It won’t be long (May of next year)
Until the GDPR’s here.
That will come soon – the time will fly
So act now, to check you can comply.
Though coming from an EU source
It’s been confirmed they’ll stay in force
After Brexit.  So, take care –
You still will need to be aware.
The rules apply to those inside
The EU, and those who provide
Their services or sell their goods
In EU member neighbourhoods.

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